WSSR Top 25 Requested
1. My Suggar Daddy
    by Angel Fire Russell (69)
2. I Ain't Gonna Lie This Time
    by Ms Jody (31)
3. Another Womans Man Feat Nellie Tiger Travis
    by Adrena (17)
4. Out Side Garbage
    by Jill Sharp (16)
5. I'm About To get Old I Got To Slow My Roll
    by Andrew Booker (12)
6. The Knock Down Inn
    by Lomax (11)
7. Get Loose
    by King Russell (9)
8. Let's Get This Party Started
    by Lomax (9)
9. I'll Be Your Cheatin' Woman
    by Jill Sharp (9)
10. Put It On Ya
    by Mr David (8)
11. Green Crown Feat Bigg Robb
    by R-3 (8)
12. It's Going Down
    by Andre Lee (8)
    by Ronnie Lovejoy (8)
14. If He Knew What I Was Thinking
    by Ms Jody (7)
15. Be My Shawty On The Side
    by Vick Allen (6)
16. Man's World
    by Shay Denise (6)
17. Sneaking Love
    by Tyree Neal (6)
18. Knock The Fire
    by Mr David (6)
19. V.I.P
    by Mr Sipp (6)
20. Hundred Dollar Bill
    by Joe Blues Butler (6)
21. If It Aint Broke Dont Fix It
    by Pokey (5)
22. Mr Sexy Man
    by Nellie Tiger Travis (5)
23. Somebody Like You
    by Big G (5)
24. South Side
    by Grady Champion (5)
25. Around The Corner
    by Adrian Bagher (4)
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1 So Independent
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2 Candy Licker
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